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Quantity Shipped B/O Quantity Ordered Coating Material Unit Quantity Shipped B/O Quantity Ordered Supplies Unit
      Black Gal       Aggregate   Buff Bag
      Blue Gal       Aggregate   Clear Bag
      Brown Gal       Aluminum Foil Roll
      Green Gal       Brush,  Border Each
      Red Gal       Brush,  Chip Case
      White Gal       Brush,  Foam Case
      Yellow Gal       Plastic Broom Each
      Parisienne Gal       Cans,  1 gallon Each
      Eggshell Gal       Cans,  5 gallon       M    P Each
      Sahara Gal       Epoxy Kit   2   4   20 Each
      Champagne Gal       Hot Weather Additive Gal
      Sabal Gal       Extension Handle Each
      Pewter Gal       Floor Scraper 18'' Each
      Brick Red Gal       Stakes Bndl
                Roller Cover,  Jumbo Each
      Finch Gal       Roller Cover,  Jumbo Case
      Carmel Gal       Jumbo Roller Frame Each
      Silver Screen Gal       Sample Cans & Lids (50) Case
      Smoke Gal       Squat Cups (50) Pkg
      Paver Saver Gal       Trim Cover Each
      Xylene Gal       Trim Frame Each
                Water Wand Each
                Masking Paper Case
TEXTURE MATERIAL       Masking Gun w / blade Each
      Texture Mix  Bag       Masking Tape Case
      Grout Mix  Bag       Stardek II Tape Roll
      Super Fill  Bag       Masking Tape Premarked Roll
      Resin Concentrate Gal       Crackchaser Blade Each
      Stardek II Clear Sealer Gal       Crackset Gun Each
      Waterbased Sealer         Crackset 442 Each
COLORANT       Spraying Mantis Each
      Black Qt       Brochures,  Stardek (500) Case
      Blue Qt       Brochures, Paversaver(50) Pkg
      Brick Red Qt       Brochures, Acid Stain (50) Pkg
      Brown Qt       Brochures. Aqua Guard(250) Pkg
      Buff Qt       Brochures, Overlay (50) Pkg
      Green Qt       T-Shirts:  
      Tan Qt       Sm,  M,  Lg,  XL,  XXL Each
      Terra Cotta Qt       Hats Each
      White Qt       Stardust Chainset Each
      Yellow Qt       Stardek I  Color Samples Pkg
      STENCILS         Stardek II Color Samples Pkg

                4299 North Expressway
                Hampton, Georgia 30228