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Be Your Own Boss!!!
Why Self-Employment?
Why Capitol Concrete Solutions?

Become an Independent Stardek
For approximately $3500
* you can be
 in business for yourself. 

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Why people set up their own business.
Resources needed for setting up your own coatings application business.


Call (703)440-4067 or go to our contact page on this website and ask for our Informational Packet for Independent Contractors which has the forms and information you will need to get into this exciting field!

Why people set up their own business

For many people, starting a business is the best - if not the only employment option available.  Surveys have shown that self employment is expected to be the greatest area of employment growth in future years, building on the increase experienced over the past fifteen years.  This growth has occurred for several reasons:

bullet An increasing recognition of the value of small/medium sized businesses to the economy.
bullet Changing patterns of work and downsizing of large organizations, creating opportunities for small niche businesses.
bullet More and more graduates see starting their own business as a valid career choice.
bullet An environment which is encouraging enterprise.
bullet Increasing media interest and thus more general interest.
bullet The experience of running a business will be something that people can use in a variety of ways.
bullet Full time or part time, you can decide which is right for you.
bullet It offers a career alternative at different periods of your working life.

Resources needed for setting up your own business

The resources needed can be classed under four headings:

bullet expertise in enterprise - business/technical skills - training courses,  money management.
bullet financial - investment capital.
bullet personal support - counselors, contacts.
bullet equipment - renting, leasing, etc.


Most people, even if they have appropriate business skills, will still have to learn suitable vocational skills.  At Capitol Concrete Solutions a range of training courses exists to instruct you in how to apply our products skillfully and properly.  Indeed, taking one of our courses can be one way of deciding if starting your own driveway and pool deck application business is really the right route for you to take.


Starting you own driveway and pool deck application business is not like opening a McDonalds or Burger King which are very expensive franchises.  Very little investment capital is required for this business.  You will not be franchising from us and there are no minimum purchases and no hidden fees.  You will need local licenses and permits, a good pickup truck or van, the right tools and of course, our products.  You will be very much like the local electricians or carpenters who give their time and labor and create a finished product for a fee.

Personal support

We at Capitol Concrete Solutions would like to fill the personal support role for new entrepreneurs.  Our training classes will teach you all you need to know about our products and how to apply them.  We are available for technical support phone calls weekdays between 8am and 4:30 PM.  We also have the supplies and special tools available for purchase if you need them.  Finally, we want you to know that when you succeed, so do we! 


Many new contractors have started out with just a home office, a good truck or van, application tools, the pressure equipment and guns necessary to make the textures and patterns to install our products.  The cost of this equipment is small and even though we offer all that you will need to go into business, you do not have to purchase it from us.  Your labor and your knowledge are the keys to your success.  Call us today, or contact us via our  Contact Page on this website for a Informational Packet about becoming your own boss.

Take a look at the Stardek
Business Opportunity
at www.stardek.com
and give us a call.
(703) 440-4067

Limited Investment Costs
No Training Fees (Florida classes)
Unlimited Territory

No Franchise Fees

   Stardek Training

*Startup costs are determined by equipment needed.

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